Gardens and parks, whether natural or formal, are a piece of nature; just like the paths and areas designed with pavers that open up the garden spaces and make them tangible. Protective garden walls and parapets made of clinker brickwork blend harmoniously into the natural environment.

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Especially in the case of paved paths and surfaces used by cars, joints between the pavers are absolutely necessary to protect them from edge chipping. However, we will also show you the so-called "crunch" installation without a joint for private use, because the small damage that can result from this is - as many garden lovers find - authentic and beautiful traces of use for which these clinkers are made.

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schwarz-nuanciert, gefast
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Prefabricated garden fence posts

Prefabricated wall pillars or fence pillars and foundation walls make it easier to frame the property. They are absolutely resistant to driving rain and processed as cleanly as it would hardly be possible on the construction site. The pillars are available in three heights (75, 125 and 175 cm) and in three clinker colors ( MELBOURNE brick red , CANBERRA autumn leaves and ADELAIDE burgundy ) (other smooth clinkers can also be processed on request).

They consist of a concrete shell in which real clinker straps are embedded. The shell is 23mm thick and is filled with concrete, which uses the steel connections protruding from the foundation to establish a firm connection to the foundation.

The foundation wall elements

The foundation wall elements with a solid concrete core have a uniform length of 2.50 m. The concrete core permanently prevents damage from water and frost.

A foundation prepared by the customer is required for the assembly of the prefabricated bricks. The selected fence elements made of wood or metal are then placed between the pillars.

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Entrance stairs

Prefabricated system stairs from Röben can be assembled in a very short time and can be walked on immediately - suitable for every type of house, even retrospectively. Possible consequential damage to conventionally constructed stairs, such as mossing of the joints, leaching or frost damage caused by penetrating or rising water, is excluded with prefabricated stairs.

When planning the house, the entrance stairs or steps are often overlooked and forgotten. Only shortly before the house is completed, what is missed is noticed and then there is only the improvised solution - mostly by hand.

Easy to install

The better solution: Röben system entrance stairs. As a single-stage platform or multi-stage system, exactly as you need it. The robust constructions made of hard-burnt, abrasion-resistant clinker bricks are absolutely frost-proof, sure-footed and prefabricated in such a way that they can be installed on the construction site by practically anyone, even retrospectively. See an example here.

Created under perfect conditions

Röben produces them in five different clinker colors for all common door widths or individually adapted. The different steps on the construction site cannot be created more economically and better than in the factory. Not to mention the possible consequential damage of "handwork", such as mossing of the joints, frost damage or leaching.

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masonry coverings

Free-standing walls are heavily burdened by driving rain and temperature fluctuations, especially the joints. Below broader surfaces of conventionally constructed masonry coverings, where the water remains in the joints, white, non-water-soluble leaching can often be seen after a short time. After a short time, penetrating and freezing water will blow out the grout.

The solution to these common problems: prefabricated masonry covers from Röben. The load-bearing core made of driving rain-proof concrete prevents moisture from penetrating through the joints and lime components from the mortar.

Like all prefabricated components from Röben, the masonry covers are also manufactured individually according to the wishes of the architect or client - for example, also with molded stones.

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