Contact and advice

When it comes to products, prices or reference objects, our representatives and building material dealers in your region are always well informed.

You can reach us like this:
Röben Tonbaustoffe GmbH
Box 1209D-26330 Zetel
Klein Schweinbrück 168D-26340 Zetel

Telephone: 0 44 52 - 8 80
Fax: 0 44 52 - 8 82 45


Telephone: 0 44 52 - 8 80
Fax: 0 44 52 - 8 82 45

Our representatives will advise you on all matters relating to clinker and roof tiles. They give you reference houses, mediate trustworthy handicraft companies or recommend particularly well-stocked building materials dealers in your region.

How much exactly will my dream brick cost? When and how do the bricks get to the construction site? Our building materials trading partners will answer these questions for you.

Röben is the biggest privately-owned ceramics company in Germany, with 14 works in Europe and the USA. Our products can be obtained almost anywhere in the world through our sales partners.

In the Röben KlinkerForum in Zetel you can see more than 150 types of clinker as well as all roof tiles in a large park around the clock, 7 days a week.

Der Röben PlanungsService

Sie sind Planungsprofi und haben Fragen zum sinnvollen Einsatz von Fertigbauteilen oder Mauerwerksstatik? Sie benötigen Infos zum Stand der Technik bei Dehnungsfugen, Abfangungen oder Fußpunkten des Mauerwerks? Hier bekommen Sie Antworten.


We advise you comprehensively about the diverse possibilities and special solutions for thermal insulation composite systems with clinker brick slips: formats, thicknesses, corners, connections, material mix.

Heavy-duty industrial and commercial floors are technically demanding projects. Our specialists will advise you right from the start when planning everything related to fine stoneware, clinker slabs and the economical vibratory laying.