Fine stoneware

Röben fine stoneware is pressed dry from natural clay and fired hard at approx. 1230 ° C. This pays off thanks to its extreme dimensional stability, exceptional durability and very high flexural and compressive strengths. The best prerequisites for economical vibratory laying. The surrounding Röben V-Spacer® reliably protects the edges.


Nowadays, flooring is getting new attention in the contract sector. Having been just a floor in the past, it is now becoming a design element, especially in representative rooms. Modern, individual colors, designs and structures are in demand, integrated into a comprehensive overall concept. They create spatial effects that have never existed in connection with high-quality ceramic stoneware.

You have the ideas - we have the knowhow, the fine clay, the technology and the quality standards to develop your custom floor, together with you as part of the Röben FLOOR-DESIGN .

The right floor, aesthetic and functional, contributes a lot, especially in brick-and-mortar retail, to the fact that the customer likes to stay in the shop and also likes to come back. It has a great influence on the atmosphere in the room and supports the shopping experience positively. Röben develops the right appearance with you.

The classic tile with a fine grain look is a master of adaptation: whether in the grocery, auto repair shop or production hall - the floor always looks good. Röben porcelain stoneware has proven itself in a wide variety of areas of use for a long time due to its long service life, high durability and thus extremely economical use.

Coarse-grain porcelain stoneware is always in demand where extreme conditions have to be overcome, but the floor should always look well-groomed - even at the end of the day. The fire-sealed surface ensures in any case that cleaning is perfect and the tiles not only retain their original freshness visually.