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The EnEV certificate takes thermal bridges into account across the board. In mathematical terms, this can mean a deterioration in the results, which in turn must be compensated for by better insulation or other measures. Through detailed thermal bridge verification using the control details offered here, costs can be avoided and the quality of the details improved.

The connection situations presented in cooperation with the Building with Brick Initiative were primarily developed from a thermal protection point of view. The aspect of minimizing the effects of thermal bridges was given great importance.

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Planning folder and texts for tenders

In cooperation with the Building with Brick Initiative, we provide you with the complete planning documents for the double-layer masonry in an online architect folder, which you can download free of charge (including individual chapters). Regular maintenance of the documents ensures that you are always informed about the state of the art.

Planning folder "two-shell wall"

Tender texts

Röben planning service

Object sorting - architecture and design clinker

Object clinker - individual bricks with powerful expression and personality. Clinker and clinker clinker brick, facing bricks and bricks for architects and building owners who want to have their high standards of contemporary architecture realized in the facade: Röben BRICK-DESIGN®!


Online here: U-value calculation

The U-value is a measure of thermal insulation. It provides information about how much heat is released to the outside through a building wall. In cooperation with the Building with Brick Initiative, we provide you with a planning tool for the U-value calculation of double-layer masonry.

The unit of the U-value is W / m2K (watts per square meter and per Kelvin). It specifies the heat flow that flows through an area of one square meter with a temperature difference of one Kelvin (= 1 ° C). The smaller the U-value, the better the insulation.

The online tool

Clinker textures for 3D renderings

We have deposited the currently available textures of our clinker and brick slips for download at the respective clinker . The files are in JPG and PSD format. In PSD format, clinker and joint can be processed on separate levels.

We recommend that you compare the visualizations created with the reference photos that can be found for the respective products here on This way, a perfect display can be achieved.

Please contact us for more complex shaders for professional needs. For your support, we then establish contact with a graphics office that specializes in 3D visualizations.

If you need a larger number of textures, please contact us - we can then make them available to you in another way.